Team Allen

Allen Hyunmin Suh

While studying hospitality management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Allen became fascinated by the process of creating something with his own hands in the kitchen. After gaining experience from various Michelin-starred restaurants in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and New York, Allen joined Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park in 2013, where he continued to hone his craft and eventually blossom into a leadership position as Sous Chef. Returning home to Korea after 17 years abroad, Allen was given the opportunity to be the opening chef for L’Impression in Seoul, which he debuted with a tour de force, receiving Two Michelin Stars his first year of opening. After several years, Allen refocused his efforts to open Restaurant Allen in 2021, a space where he could freely pursue his culinary and professional vision.

  • Boyeon Kim
    Sous Chef
  • Hyeonjeong Jang
    Junior Sous Chef
  • Kihyun Kim
  • Joonho Baak
    Head Sommelier
  • Soohyeon Heo
  • Eunae Hwang
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